4th Year The Rose Bowl Game Uses atVenu As Their POS

The Rose Bowl is the largest college bowl game in the country, the most well known and arguably the most iconic with over 100,000 fans in and around the stadium. Being such a noteworthy and important game, people make sure to get their merchandise to commemorate the event.

The IMS team has been managing the Rose Bowl Game merchandise for decades, always having new challenges to navigate every year as technology continues to develop, customer payment interests continue to shift away from cash, and interest in merchandise continues to grow. One of the unique qualities to the IMS team is their philosophy to always improve the event they're running however they can. 

Since 2018, atVenu has been the designated point of sale for The Rose Bowl Game, deploying over 120 atVenu Registers throughout the stadium and parking lots for all merchandise operations from the game merchandise stands throughout the city for the Rose Parade to how best to setup, deploy, and manage all merchandise stands.

The benefits from using atVenu Register:

  • Ease of setup, just place the Register, login, and start selling. You don't have set point of sale for specific locations, just login and select which stand you want
  • Deploy all merchandise by stand
  • Manage inventory levels by stand
  • Monitor sales in real-time from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • If any item starts to run low they can run more inventory to that location to maximize revenue
  • Spotty connectivity or WiFi? atVenu can take all payments 100% offline so they have one less thing to worry about when it comes to selling and transactions will sync once the point of sale is able to reconnect.

This new years day, #7 Penn State plays #10 University of Utah. We are looking forward to the game and if you are going to the game, check out one of the merchandise stands, specifically the 'superbooth', designed by the IMS team as not only an effective display for all the merchandise available but is unmissable as you enter the stadium.


The atVenu Team