Insomniac Partners With atVenu For Lights All Night Event

The Lights All Night Drive In will be hosting fans at the Texas Motor Speedway within the infield of the racetrack! Hosting the largest HD LED TV screen in the country, this event series is one that if you are in the area, definitely check out!

They have partnered with atVenu to handle their merchandise, allowing them to market and sell the merch pre-order, and day of the events both January 8th and 9th. For customers who pre-ordered, as they enter the venue they will be picking up their pre-bagged merchandise. For those that purchase while at the event, they will be notified when it is ready for pickup and where to go. With using Mobile Orders the fulfillment team can easily bag, label, and update the orders as they go, not having to worry about taking much time in between getting each order prepared.


The atVenu Team