Latitude 38 and Golden Goods Partner With atVenu To Streamline Merchandise at BottleRock

To improve speed, efficiency and refinement Bottlerock is using atVenu's Register, inventory management software, and Ship to Home feature. A key win for BottleRock was being able to know exactly what the hot selling items are on Day 1, so they could print more in time for the remaining 2 days of the festival to ensure they wouldn’t run out, this is where atVenu was so beneficial. Not to mention the sales data that they were able to use.

BottleRock rolled out atVenu’s auto-advancing feature for its festival. The goal was to spend less time setting up and counting-in the 80 plus artists playing the festival, and more time focused on delivering the most memorable experience for both artists and fans.

“Speed and efficiency are crucial at a festival like BottleRock. Nothing hurts your sales revenue or the fan experience more than long, slow lines” said Ball of atVenu.

By using atVenu’s point of sale (POS) system, the staff was quickly able to process transactions, accurately track sales per artist and generate valuable real-time data.

After implementing atVenu in 2016, the BottleRock team experienced a 120% increase in merchandise revenue from 2015. Furthermore, the team noticed improved sales time and increased efficiencies as a result of reduced setup times. Shortly after using atVenu’s Ship to Home feature, BottleRock increased sales by 10% improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The atVenu Team