Live Nation Partners With atVenu For Their Mobile Sales Solution

With having concerts in a socially distant setting, Live Nation has set up drive in concerts allowing guests to enjoy the atmosphere of a live show while being safe. As a way for the fans to no longer have to wait in long lines to view and/or purchase merchandise, they partnered with atVenu to create a cashless and contactless environment. With QR codes put around the venue and marketed before the event, fans can browse the merch right from their seat and order from their phone, through any of our multiple payment options.

Using atVenu Mobile Orders Live Nation will be able to track all orders and easily bag and tag merch to be delivered right to the fan. Without having to worry about lines, crowding and cash, fans are able to have a better concert experience and wait for their merch to be delivered right to them.

The concert series is at the Philadelphia Citizens Bank Park with 13 nights of concerts kicking off August 16th. To learn more about the event click here.


The atVenu Team