DevOps/SRE Engineer

What is the job?

atVenu is looking for a DevOps/SRE Engineer to bring more efficiency in developing and delivering software services to our customers. You will be developing infrastructure to improve our software service: making it more secure, reliable, and performant.

If you're into Cloud Engineering, infrastructure as code, monitoring, alerting, software build/release engineering, or CI/CD, this role is definitely for you. You'll join a diverse, talented team of software developers, quality assurance analysts, product managers, and executives who are looking for a partner to help knit the pieces together and helps them with the right tool they need for their day-to-day job. You will be an enabler for all teams, the rockstar that makes each team the best version they can be with the solid tools you make for them.

You don't have to have firsthand experience in all the aforementioned areas, but we're looking for someone who understands both the tools and culture of DevOps, is self-motivated, and an independent learner. You won't be left alone, but you'll be best positioned to identify how things can be more awesome and will be expected to bring new technology ideas to the organization. Success in this role would mean making existing processes faster, smoother, easier across different teams in our company.

What do you get from us?

As you will work with different teams, this role gives you the unique opportunity to get experience on all sides of software development. Career progression might include being the leader of the Operations/System Administration/Release Engineering teams. atVenu offers competitive compensation, health benefits, and paid vacation days. On top of that, we support attending concerts (or other live events), pursuing your curiosity in new tech, and your pursuit of learning (books/training) and sharing (conferences/meetups). Our work culture is to treat and expect people as responsible adults so we do not want to micromanage you and expect you to own your work and deliver your sincere best at it.

What We Need From You?

  • Develop and Maintain our Infrastructure as Code. We use Ansible, Terraform, Docker, and AWS Cloudformation.
  • Build new infrastructure using containers technologies.
  • Maintain our existing infrastructure: updates, troubleshooting, scaling, etc.
  • Use automation tools to build, test and deploy software written in various languages. We mean CI/CD tools like Jenkins/Github Actions etc.
  • Make our infrastructure more secure, performant, and reliable.
  • Extend upon the diverse monitoring tools we have (Cloudwatch, Honeybadger, New Relic, Graylog, etc) and integrating them into more centralized dashboards. Create new metrics from our data.
  • Make tools to automatically generate reports to satisfy compliance requirements, e.g. audit trails. We strive to comply with PCI.
  • Script out any repetitive task that is slowing us down.

Who Are You?

  • A mix of software development and Linux System Administration experience with decent shell scripting skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Solid Debugging and Troubleshooting skills. A quick learner.
  • Comfortable with multi-tasking and context switching.
  • A keen eye on industry standards and best practices.
  • Hands-on experience of working with some of these
    • Version control: Git
    • Build automation: Jenkins/Github Actions/TeamCity/Bamboo/Circle CI etc.
    • Configuration Management: Ansible/Docker/Chef/Puppet/Terraform etc.
    • Test Automation: Selenium/Capybara/Cucumber/RSpec/Konacha etc.
    • Monitoring and Alerting: New Relic, Cloudwatch, Sensu, etc.
    • Log Aggregation: Graylog/Elasticsearch/Splunk etc.

Who Are We?

atVenu was founded in 2012 and has taken the merchandise industry by storm. Our platform now boasts over 10k artists and we annually help those artists manage more than 125K shows a year. We are the industry standard platform for the live music business with clients such as Warner Music Group, Live Nation, AEG, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, and more and are moving into adjacent markets fast! Our products and solutions have helped artists, festivals, and venues sell merch and manage the chaos of live events, and in the end, improve their bottom lines. Whether it’s helping with the day to day inventory of merch, providing a platform to collect payments, helping fans buy their favorite event shirt from their phones, or providing the hardware and setup requirements to allow an event to run smoothly, atVenu is dedicated to ensuring our customers have the tools and services they need to power their experiences before, during, and after their events.


Then so are we, and we look forward to hearing from you! Please also include your resumé, LinkedIn profile, Github profile, or anything else that might help us understand who you are.

To apply, email us at