Covid-19 Music Industry Resources

As each week goes by there are new announcements made, changes to your daily routine, and potentially additional changes to your postponed tours, shows, or festivals. With everything going on we wanted to help in any way we can. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all the information that is being released, especially around what funds/grants are still accepting submissions so we wanted to put a central location of what we are hoping is useful to YOU. We are all in this together and will get through this together.

Reliefs and Grants

Multiple relief projects at this time are currently on hold for applications or are no longer taking them for the time being due to the overwhelming volume, the ones below as of when we created this post were still open and taking applications and we are linking you to the actual form page with the requirements/form itself or if the forms are not yet live then the page where you can get information on when they will be available.
  • Musicares Funding - providing grants up to $1,000 for cancelled work that was scheduled and lost. - NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
  • Sound Royalties - set up a fund for music creators to receive no-fee advances on their royalties. - UPDATED TO AN OPEN APPLICATION
  • US Small Business Administration - loans to help small business owners impacted
  • Artist Relief - non-restricted emergency relief fund, granting up to $5,000 per individual. This takes you to the requirements page to determine if you are eligible, at the bottom of the page is a 'apply here' link for you to continue to the actual application.
  • Sweet Relief Foundation - offering grants to musicians and industry workers. - APPLICATION OPEN, CYCLE 3 SUBMISSION ENDS JUNE 17TH
  • Music Health Alliance - developed a COVID-19 & Tornado Relief Plan based on the immediate needs of our music community for financial and/or health support
  • Crew Nation - help support live music crews who have been directly impacted for shows cancelled in March or April, shows that are cancelled May or later will be a separate application once the current application is closed - A NEW A NEW MAY APPLICATION AVAILABLE, DEADLINE IS JUNE 14TH TO APPLY
  • The Blues Foundation - help support blues musicians and families, they request you contact Elizabeth directly ( to receive the application form and they will review it to determine if you qualify.
  • Local 802 Musicians Relief Fund - must be an active Local 802 member or a family member to a member
  • NOMADS Group - a gofundme campaign setup for tour crew members in the music industry, reach out through this site to get included or to donate!
  • Equal Sound Relief Fund - musicians who have lost income from their gig being cancelled due to Covid-19, (amount of funding undisclosed)
  • Actors Funds - The Actors Fund helps everyone who works in performing arts and entertainment including theater, film, television, music and dance. Those who work on stage, on camera or behind the scenes are encouraged to apply. Applications are still open but may take 2 weeks to respond due to the volume of applications. - APPLICATION IS STILL OPEN FOR APPLICANTS
Additional Resources (many are no longer taking applications due to volume, if/when they begin accepting applications again they will be moved to the above section for you to easily find them!) :

How to File for Unemployment

Government Unemployment - select your state > select the options that apply to you and click continue > select the ‘File for an unemployment insurance claim’

How to Recieve Small Business Benefits

Live Stream Resources

  • Virtual Festival - Virtual Festival seeks to offset the losses of the entertainment industry by offering streamed performances by bands across the country, with fans donating directly to musicians via PayPal and Venmo in lieu of ticket sales.
  • YouTube Live - Live stream on YouTube
  • Facebook Live - Complete Facebook Live toolkit for musicians
  • Instagram Live - Live stream on Instagram Live
  • Twitch - For musicans
  • Twitch - For musicans

Tips & Donations

Learning Resources for Musicians


If you were a driver in the industry or are interested in becoming a driver during this difficult time, the companies below are looking for drivers to begin immediately
NOTE: Individuals are advised to keep documentation of ALL lost work and potential earnings as there may be future government programs offering income and/or tax relief due to loss of employment or business.

For further information on general relief and unemployment benefits in your area use the search tools available in the Financial and General Assistance resource section above.

Venue Information

This is a comprised list from what we have found, and information that has been generously shared from other sites like SheShreds, Billboard, Musicians Foundation, and the Grammy Foundation.

Stay safe,
The atVenu Team