Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

“Winter tour has been wild so far. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support of our fanbase, The Flock, both at the merch table and in the crowd. We’ve been greeted with sold out audiences at most of our shows on this tour, including our debut at the historic Capitol Theatre in New York, and we’re inspired to keep a good thing going. More than anything, we’re thrilled that people love funk as much we do!” – Greg Ormont, Lead Singer

Merch Rep

Michael Perdew

Michael Perdew got his start working with the band in 2012 as a promoter bringing Pigeons out to play in his hometown of Winchester, VA, helping them build a strong fanbase in his area quickly. As their relationship continued to grow, Michael began working at their music festival Domefest in hospitality and site operations. When Pigeons needed a new merch seller on the road, Michael was the clear and obvious choice with his kind personality and hard work ethic.

Top Selling Item

Winter Spring Tour Shirt