Steve Vai

STEVE VAI has been dazzling audiences for decades and has gathered a solid foundational fan base that are tremendously supportive. For more than 20 years he has toured the world with his band with Jeremy Colson on drums, Philip Bynoe on Bass, and Dave Weiner on guitar and keyboards. Vai’s new record has been very well received by fans and press and in June of 2022 they kicked off their Inviolate tour in Europe and have recently finished their 1st North American leg (51 shows) to robust audiences nation wide.

Merch Rep

Fire Vai

Fire Vai has worked alongside his father Steve Vai for the past 5 years, supporting a variety of Steve’s music business endeavors. Fire joined Steve Vai for his world tour of Inviolate, overseeing the merchandise on tour along with organizing and facilitating the very successful VIP meet & greet pre-show event also known as “The EVO Experience.” A special shout out goes to Matthew Wood and Keegan Hughes for being vital parts of the team.

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Tour Tee