atVenu Register Can Take Wristband Payments & Tap to Pay Fully Offline

Yes, you read that right! atVenu Register can now not only take cash and credit card payments offline but Tap to Pay (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & Google Pay) and RFID wristband payments as well.In situations where you have unreliable WiFi, cellular connectivity, or are in the middle of nowhere, you can continue to use atVenu Register without worrying about having to stop taking specific forms of payment or swapping out what reader to use.

At this time the following forms of payment atVenu Register can accept while in Offline Mode:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (swiping or chip reader)
  • Tap to Pay (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay)
  • RFID Wristbands

For more information or details on how to ensure your atVenu Register settings are setup to enable Offline Mode click here.


The atVenu Team