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It’s not just about selling merchandise at the event, it’s also the logistics, planning, and forecasting needed for a successful tour. Our robust inventory and settlement software, combined with real-time POS data, allows for maximizing revenue during the limited time you have to sell!
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Inventory Management and Nightly Settlements Built for Touring

  • Count sheets for event inventory management
  • Auto-calculated Settlement sheets
  • Manage trailer inventory
  • Warehouse, shipment, and PO inventory management
  • Algorithmic forecasting for event inventory and sales optimization
  • Auto-Advance merchandise line with atVenu Venues and Festivals
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SoundScan Reporting

Report music and media sales directly to Nielsen SoundScan
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Real-time sales data tracking by event, product, and Artist
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Cloud Based Platform

Keep your entire team connected

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Mobile and Web Apps

Work both online, and offline, with our web and iOS apps

A POS Built for Live Event Sales

  • Accept all major credit cards as well
    as Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Automatically sync events and
    products to Register POS
  • Auto-batch all transactions by show into a single bank deposit
  • Settlement reports automatically batch and sync credit and key financials
  • Real-time inventory updates and alerts
  • International touring support
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Make Your Event Cashless and Contactless with atVenu Mobile Orders

  • Dedicated Url and QR Code
  • Syncs with atVenu Register and backend inventory system for easy management and fulfillment tracking
  • Customizable fulfillment options for your event setup
  • No more Merch and F&B lines
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The perfect union of robust and extensive backend software, easy and intuitive front end point of sale Registers, and hardware that’s tried and true for all conditions – indoor and out.
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No matter the type, scale, or size of event, atVenu provides the technology and service you need to ensure the best commerce experience for your audience.


Per Touring Month

Soundscan Reporter

  • Report Venue sales digitally. No more paper!
  • Automated & direct submissions to SoundScan
  • Historical record of Venue Sales
  • See real-time updates from Submission to Reported

With atVenu Register Activated

  • No setup required! Log in using atVenu credentials and all shows and transactions sync
  • Intuitive and simple interface for quick and easy transactions
  • Access your Register Report for total receipts simplifying your settlement process


Per Touring Month

Tour Merch Mgmt.

  • SoundScan Reporter included
  • Artist and Venue auto-calculated Settlement sheet
  • Nightly distribution list to email list of Settlement and Sales Reports
  • Unlimited users and email receipts
  • Unlimited merchandise items

With atVenu Register Activated

  • No setup required! Log in using atVenu credentials and all shows and transactions sync
  • Auto batches and syncs CC receipts and fees into your settlement sheet
  • Works throughout the US and Canada
  • One platform that handles everything (financial reports, cash mgmt., CC receipts, and fees
  • Deposits funds in 2 business days batched by show making tour reconciliations faster and more accurate


Per Touring Month

Advanced Inventory Mgmt.

  • All Tour Merch Mgmt. features included
  • Manage warehouse and multiple trailer inventories
  • Create orders and shipments and track inventory
  • Global inventory view displaying all warehouse, trailer, shipment and orders
  • Create split shipments for ordered items

With atVenu Register Activated

  • All Tour Merch Mgmt. benefits included


Per Touring Month


  • All Advanced Inventory features included
  • Project gross, expenses, and net profit on tour merch
  • Know exactly how much merch to order
  • Adjust attendance and $ / head by show for accurate supply planning
  • Summary page highlights easy to read financial & product expectations for entire tour

With atVenu Register Activated

  • All Tour Merch Mgmt. benefits included

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