Top Seller of the Month

Congrats to atVenu's Top Seller Award Winners!

Each month atVenu recognizes the Artists, and their Merch Reps, that are out there hustling in Small and Mid Cap Venues. These are the teams producing great merch, hitting the road, and topping the sales charts!

How do we find the Top Sellers?

atVenu looks at all active Artists on the platform within a calendar month and filters the list down to only those with Artist Vend Settlements. From there, Artists are grouped into two categories, Small Cap and Mid Cap. Small Cap are Artists that perform at Venues with an average capacity of up to 500, Mid Cap up to 1500. Those with the highest Gross Merch Sales are awarded as Top Sellers!
Top Sellers of 2019
We wanted to highlight the Artists and Merch Reps that topped the sales charts in Small and Mid Cap for all of 2019. Congrats to our winners!