Bright Pursuit Partners With atVenu For Prime Social's Drive-In Concert Series

We are excited to partner with Bright Pursuit for Prime Social's drive-in concert series at Westland Mall for all their merch sales.

Using atVenu Mobile Orders, fans are able to view and order their merch right from their car, and Prime Social is able to customize their fulfillment options so getting the merch orders to the fans will be as seamless as possible.

We know every concert setup isn't the same, so your fulfillment options shouldn't have to be either. Using our bag and hold fulfillment feature fans will receive a notification where they can pickup their bagged merch.

The first concert using Mobile Orders is September 26th, and tickets are on sale for concerts with various big name artists through October! To see more information about the Westland Drive-In concerts and to purchase tickets if you are In the area, click here.


The atVenu Team