2023 Music Industry Merchandise Stats by Genre

2023 Music Industry Merchandise Stats by Genre

We recently released our 2022 Year In Review: The Merch Edition where we break out popular metrics like dollars per head, percentage of fans buying merchandise, average t-shirt price, and average Gross Merch Sales by the industry's most popular genres.

As a follow up to that release we are taking insights from that post and grouping them by genre so you can easily compare your genre to the industry average.

To kick things off with the highlights of 2022:

What genre has the highest average $/head in 2022?


What genre has the highest average attendance?


What genre has the highest % of fans buying merchandise?


What is the most popular t-shirt color purchased by genre?

For all genres, it's still black

What genre had the most shows in 2022?


To remind everyone the industry averages for 2022:

Now, let's break out those industry average metrics by genre:

Stay tuned for more details about genre based merchandise stats as we head into the 2023 season.


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