4.2 Million Units & $100 Million of Merch Sold Through atVenu

4.2 Million Units & $100 Million of Merch Sold Through atVenu

We passed a major milestone at the beginning of July – over 25,000 shows settled through the platform in just 18 months! We thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of the interesting data we have about live event merch. In 25,000 shows, we’ve worked with more than 1200 artists in every genre and of all sizes to manage the sale of over 4.2 million units worldwide. This translates to over $100 Million (approx. based on exchange rates) in Gross revenue sales, $78 Million in the US alone.

TShirts and CDs account for 61.21% of total units sold worldwide. Add in Tank Tops, Wristbands, and Posters and you have 74.19% of all units sold.

To eliminate exchange rate discrepancies, the below represents Gross revenue for US only merch sales. TShirts account for 62.87% of revenue. Include Tank Tops, CDs, Zip-Up Hoodies, and Sweatshirts, and these top 5 items generate 81.64% of revenue settled in atVenu.

As we hit further milestones, we’ll continue to provide insights and analysis that will help you plan your tour merch business ensuring you make as much money as possible while you’re out there! Expect data around topics like: The most popular color t-shirts fans buy, heat map of the US showing highest grossing markets and per heads, optimal price points by market, which markets sell more of particular items, and a ton more! If you have any thoughts on data points you’d like to see hit us up!


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