atVenu Tutorial: How To Get Set Up & Start Selling With atVenu Register

atVenu Tutorial: How To Get Set Up & Start Selling With atVenu Register

For artists, touring acts, and merch companies we walk through the steps on what to do once you created your account with us and next steps.

If you are a venue, festival, vendor, concessionaire, or anyone besides artists/touring acts/merch companies email us as support@atVenu.com to speak with one of our account managers to ensure your account is configured with the feature sets you need and will answer any of your questions.

If you haven't created an account yet, you can do so here and go through the account creation portal. If you don't know which package is right for you to sign up for you can read more about each one in our article on Which atVenu package is right for me?

1. Save your Bank Account to activate atVenu Register

  • Log in to your account and click on the blue Activate Register button.
  • Click the Get Started button below the atVenu Register promo. Once all required information has been entered, your account will need to be verified. The verification processing time varies, but can take up to a full day in some cases. Please allow enough time for account verification.

Please note: Only US and Canadian bank accounts are supported

2. Order an atVenu Credit Card Reader

With your bank account information being verified so when you sell your money will go directly to your designated location, you’ll need an atVenu Credit Card Reader. Click on Order Readers from the Register Setup page.

Please Note: atVenu Register requires an iOS device running 12.1 or higher. atVenu Register is not Android compatible.

  • Orders placed after 3:00pm PST(Mon-Thurs) and 12pm PST(Fri) will be shipped on the next business day otherwise they are shipped same day on business days
  • Only Credit Card Readers ordered from atVenu will work with atVenu Register. No other Card Readers are compatible
  • For more information about how to order Card Readers, please see: How do I order atVenu Credit Card Readers?

3. Download the atVenu Register app

4. Start Selling

All shows, merch and prices are automatically synched into the atVenu Register app from your atVenu Artist or Venue/Festival account. Log in to atVenu Register with your atVenu credentials, plug in your Credit Card Reader and start selling!

5. Real-Time Sales Reports

Monitor sales data in real-time via the Register Report which can be accessed at any time from the atVenu Register app, or from your atVenu.com account.

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