Multiple New Feature Enhancements!

Multiple New Feature Enhancements!

Tour Summary Report

This summary report puts together a high level update of tour-to-date info so throughout your tour you get a holistic view.

Details: Opt-in to receive this report under user settings. After each show’s settlement, the Tour Summary Report will be sent to the list of users requesting the report. The Report will include details of the last show along with a summary of how the tour is performing to date.

Display Gross Count-In

While counting in your items, you now have the ability to view gross value on an item-by-item basis!

Details: While counting in, we now display the Gross In for each item and size.  Adds and Comps are also included in the calculation. Once you start your count outs they will clear and be replaced by the actual gross sales.

Import Remaining Inv. Into Count-Outs

At the click of a button you can now take your remaining inventory and auto-populate those values into your count outs. About time right!

Details: If you use atVenu Register, we help make life even easier with the ability to auto populate your count outs with Inventory Remaining numbers. With atVenu Register, we know how many of each item was sold so we account for count in + adds – comps – sold to get to your remaining inventory.

Click the button to sync Remaining Inventory into Count Out!  But a heads up… this only works if you accurately log all sales!

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