Automatically Submit Concert Sales to SoundScan

Automatically Submit Concert Sales to SoundScan

What is SoundScan?

SoundScan is a tracking system that assists in recording your sales with Billboard. SoundScan tracks sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. Any music product that carries a UPC or EAN barcode and ISRC code is eligible to be tracked by SoundScan.

Why do I need to submit to SoundScan?

If you want to have a chance at making the Billboard Music Charts, your release must be registered with SoundScan using a UPC number (for the whole album) and ISRC codes (for the individual tracks). Without registration, the sales figures will not be counted and will remain invisible to the system.

Some retailers and streaming providers report sales and streams to SoundScan. In order for your album to be considered for reporting, you need to ensure that it is registered with SoundScan, then atVenu will be able to keep track of your submissions per show through our platform. atVenu doesn't register your UPC that must be done through the proper channels.

Learn more about submitting your nightly music sales through atVenu

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Can I access my Sales Data?

With atVenu, YES YOU CAN. You will have access to historical records of all your data, including numbers, transactions, and unite sales by show. atVenu also tracks other merchandise, not just music, so you can keep track of all merchandise and music sales in one place if you've signed up for one of our Merch Mgmt packages. Learn More about our different packages we offer

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a SoundScan submission app?

SoundScan doesn't have their own app, but having an account with atVenu you can use the app to submit your sales digitally. This is the only way you can submit your sales digitally and monitor their acceptance process. With atVenu, you can use our Artist Manager Mobile app to submit your sales digitally, even without an internet connection!

How do I submit sales to Billboard? Are those the same thing or different?

Reporting your sales to Billboard is the same thing as reporting to SoundScan. Billboard numbers are taken from SoundScan.

How do I check my SoundScan sales/reports?

In atVenu, within your account you have the ability to see the status of your SoundScan submissions on a per show basis. For more information and to check for your account click here

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