We're Going on Tour With The Rolling Stones

We're Going on Tour With The Rolling Stones

We’re honored to be a part of The Rolling Stones “No Filter” tour! Beginning July 3rd in Washington DC, atVenu Registers will power all merchandise transactions throughout the stadium tour.

The Rolling Stones’ team wanted to ensure everything on-site was covered from smooth and quick transactions, real-time sales and inventory management, simple and easy setup, quick funds deposits, and hardware proven to work under any condition. 120 atVenu Registers are going out on tour and used across the country.

atVenu Register is the only product designed specifically for live event merchandise, built to manage the unique needs pre, during, and post show.

Pre Show

Before the show begins it’s critical for a quick and easy setup of Registers throughout the venue. Our atVenu Registers don’t have to be pre-programmed, simply log into your atVenu account and the entire product line syncs in ready to take sales.  And with atVenu’s Quick Connect, sign one iPad onto the venue’s wifi network and all 100+ other iPads will automatically log on and log into your account. No saving wifi settings iPad, after iPad, after iPad…

During Show

During each show, atVenu Register provides real-time sales and inventory data not available through any other systems.  Monitoring live transactions and sales down to an individual stand level allows you to manage sales by stand, identify low inventory items, and make proactive adjustments in preparation of the end of concert rush.  And all of this is possible due to Register’s intuitive and simple interface allowing new sellers, show after show, to use the system with virtually no training. An easy interface equates to faster transactions and more accurate data.

After Show

After the show ends in comes Register Reports. atVenu syncs all atVenu Register data back to your account providing fast, reliable, automated, and accurate reporting. You no longer have to waste time with batching CC terminals, gone are concerns of human error summing up batched reports or terminals going offline, and the elimination of fragmented excel sheets and backend POS reports provides a seamless transition from the last transaction to settling the show.  atVenu even batches and deposits all CC transactions by event making tour reconciliation faster and simpler.

For more information about how atVenu Registers help make your life easier while your band is on the road, contact us!

For those of you who are going to one of their 17 shows, have a great time and don’t forget to buy some of The Rolling Stones’ exclusive merch!

As the designated point of sale that The Rolling Stones chose for their stadium tour to maximize revenue, we look forward to future partnerships!


The atVenu team

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