atVenu is now available to all artists!

atVenu is now available to all artists!

We launched the atVenu Merch Manager platform a year ago and it’s been an amazing year!  We now have 600 artists using atVenu, we’ve successfully settled over 12,000 shows around the globe, and our artists collectively sold over $52 million in merch and music in 2013.  Now, we have two big pieces of news to share!

We’re very happy to announce we closed a $1.1 million investment lead by Real Ventures of Montreal.  This will help us continue to expand and build more great features for our artists now and in the future!

Equally exciting is that atVenu is no longer available by invite only!  We have  enabled self-sign up functionality and all artists can now utilize the atVenu platform.

2014 is going to be an amazing year – stay tuned for more announcements from atVenu.  Lots of good stuff coming!



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