How to Price Your T-Shirts

How to Price Your T-Shirts

Throughout the year we provide insights on the top selling items. Since t-shirts are the most popular, we want to share what price point will maximize your revenue.

As a starting point, in 2023 the average t-shirt price is $40 (based on over 90,000 shows worth of data). That average varies based on attendance grouping from $33 to $42.

Industry Average T-Shirt Price By Attendance Grouping

Next, let’s look at whether or not the average price is the optimal price.

Average T-Shirt Sales From A Single Show Based On T-Shirt Price

The below is a table that reflects sales, low to high, based on sales price within attendance groupings. Here we highlight, in blue, the sale price that produces the highest sales volume. You’ll notice a dip in the 10-15K attendance grouping, this is driven by the country genre’s average t-shirt price of $30.

So What Price Should My T-Shirts Be To Make The Most Money?

Based on the table above we summarized the numbers for a simple cheat sheet.

Less Than 500

Stay tuned for future posts where we break out pricing details by genre and additional insights on how much merch you should count in per show based on your genre and venue.


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