Which Package Is Right for Me?

Which Package Is Right for Me?

atVenu offers multiple packages to suit your bands’ needs. We’ve broke down the different package options to help simplify what to select based on what you need. 

If you are a venue, festival, or other event our pricing is straightforward with all inclusive packaging and can be found on the pricing page. Fill out a demo request to learn more information from one of our account specialists!

SoundScan Reporter

For those who only are selling CD’s and Vinyl, and only want a product so they can digitally submit and keep a record of all SoundScan sales and submissions

Tour Merch Mgmt.

For the average band who want the ability to add merchandise items, track inventory, and settle your shows with any Venue, Festival or event.

Advanced Inventory

For more advanced users that want everything in our Tour Merch Mgmt package along with the ability to create Warehouses, Trailers, create/manage Orders and Shipments, then this package is for you. It allows you a very granular management of your inventory for your band as a merch manager or the merch co.


If you want everything above in our Advanced Inventory package, which includes the features of all of our packages, but also want the ability to use our tour forecasting model to plan your upcoming tours, then this package is for you. 

To see a detailed breakdown of our packages to see the various features that are included in each see below.

Card Not Present includes Mobile Orders and manual credit card entry. For additional details on what is included in Card Not Present, click here

atVenu Merch Line Generator
Harness our data and analyze your tour to create an optimized merch line for your band that maximizes sales and reduces product waste.
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