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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage at live events is different than coffee shops and food trucks. atVenu allows for management and distribution of multiple menus, food vendors, location & staff, and post event settlements with the businesses brought on site – All from one intuitive cloud based backend.
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Location Specific POS

Create locations under your event for bars and food vendors
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Menu Distribution

Manage and distribute menus to each location
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Rapid Deployment

Rapidly deploy Registers with simple login
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Immediate Reporting

Immediate post-show reporting for easy settlements
atVenu System Inventory Page on Laptop

Simple backend management tools for running your event

  • Assign staff and track login/logout times and transactions
  • Monitor cash to credit card ratios across locations and staff members
  • Add Registers to locations in minutes
  • Move Registers between locations to manage rushes
  • Reliable, road tested hardware
  • Zero-training POS for new hires and temporary sellers
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Make Your Event Cashless and Contactless with atVenu Mobile Orders

  • Dedicated Url and QR Code
  • Syncs with atVenu Register and backend inventory system for easy management and fulfillment tracking
  • Customizable fulfillment options for your event setup
  • No more Merch and F&B lines
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