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If you're looking for best way to process payments at a live event, you've found it. Live Event Commerce is different than traditional retail. atVenu handles the requirements of different locations & SKUs every night, multi-party financial settlements, inventory logistic management, rapid deployment of POS systems, high sales velocity, and more.
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Different Locations

Multi-Party Settlements Icon

Multi-Party Settlements

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High Sales Velocity

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Rapid Deployment

Pre Event

Easy Event Setup

With a simple & intuitive backend, atVenu allows you to configure your events from anywhere at anytime.
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Create your Events

Whether a one-off Festival or a multi-date tour, enter your event specific details including date, location, taxes, deal points, contacts, on-site locations, and unlimited product lines.
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Manage Product and Inventory

Create product lines and associate them with any of the events you’ve saved. Manage warehouse, trailer, and event inventory all from one spot.
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atVenu Artists and Venues can Auto-Advance by synching product lines between accounts, saving time and eliminating errors.
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Configure Staff & Register POS

Manage account users and assign staff IDs for Register sales tracking. Configure stands, VIP booths, bars, and food vendors from within the event dashboard.

During Event

It's Showtime

There’s no time to waste with cumbersome setups, distribution of product, and training new staff. With atVenu, you’re up and running in minutes.
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Payment Type Logos (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Tap, Samsung Pay)
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Rapid Deployment

Grab a Register, log in with your atVenu account, select the stand, and start selling! No device programming required.
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Real-Time Reporting

Track remaining inventory by location, sales by product line, staff sales, cash to credit ratios, and more. Add users to share reports and keep the entire team up to speed throughout the event.
Inventory & Money Management Icon

Inventory & Money Mgmt.

Track sales transactions, inventory adds, and item transfers between locations for accurate stand management and accounting.
Add Products Mid-Show Icon

Add Products Mid-Show

Enter items once into the backend and atVenu will automatically sync them to all designated locations within seconds.

Gear for the Road

No matter the size of event, we have you covered.
Single pack includes:
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1x USB Power Block

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1 x 10" Mini USB Cable

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1x atVenu Card Reader

atVenu Register Icon

1x atVenu Register

Pelican 3 pack of atVenu Registers
3 pack
Pelican 12 Pack of atVenu Registers
12 pack
* Loaner kits available to qualifying customers only. Contact Us for more information.

Have Your Own Gear?

Use atVenu Register on your own device by purchasing a Card Reader through your Account.
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Post Event

That's a Wrap

Now comes the reporting. atVenu syncs all atVenu Register data back to your account providing fast, reliable, automated, and accurate reporting. Quit wasting time with fragmented excel sheets and backend POS reports.
Multi-Party Settlements Icon

Multi-Party Settlements

Immediately settle with your Artists, Venue, or Food Truck with quick sync of data and automated settlement reports.
Distribution of Reports Icon

Distribution of Reports

Add unlimited users or a specific mailing list to autogenerate and email settlement reports.
Funds Transfers Icon

Funds Transfers

Get your money in 2 business days. Deposits are made batched by event to match your settlement reports. Need atVenu to payout your Artists and 3rd parties for you? We can do that too.
Integrated Cash Sheets Icon

Integrated Cash Sheets

Post show reconciliation is fast and more accurate with integrated cash management sheets. Auto populated CC receipts, log cash payouts and deposits, and report any over/under on cash.

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