An Updated Look At Artist Merch Trends In 2023

An Updated Look At Artist Merch Trends In 2023

Earlier in the year we did a pulse check on how $/head was trending and now that we're halfway through summer we want to update how artist merch trends have changed in 2023. We look at fan interest in concert merchandise, the top selling items by genre, and how has $/head changed since our update from earlier this year. Let's get started!



  • Avg $/head for the industry is slightly above 2022 at $8.66.
  • K-Pop continues to dominate merch sales with about 1/3 of attendance buying merchandise.
  • The Top Selling Merch Item selling 2x more than any other item is… you guessed it… a Black T-Shirt with the most common sizes tied at M and L
  • Hoodies have moved their way up to be a top 3 item in the most genres.

Overall Average $/Head In 2023

2023 $/Head
2022 $/Head

Let's Break Down $/Head By Genre

We share the 2023 year to date average $/head by genre and how it compares to 2022. For 5 of the top genres that we share, country had the biggest increase year over year, up +29% from 2022 with hip-hop/rap and rock slightly below prior year.


Percentage of Attendance Buying Merch By Genre

In 2023 the percentage of fans buying merchandise at concerts is 21%. Remaining relatively consistent to 2022 (20%).  

Top Selling Items by Genre (By # Sold)

T-shirts, unsurprisingly continue to be the most popular item with a single t-shirt averaging 38% of a bands gross sales. Hoodies have grown in popularity as a top selling item in all genres besides country.



Stay tuned until the end of the season for an in-depth analysis of the best-selling merchandise and additional insights.


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