The Phenomenon of K-Pop Concert Merchandise

The Phenomenon of K-Pop Concert Merchandise

In the last few years the number of K-Pop concerts has grown drastically in the United States with merchandise sales at another level than any other music genre. Not only having the highest average $/head of any genre in 2023 but the highest fan interest and engagement in merchandise so we put together more details on the phenomenon that is K-Pop merchandise!


  • Light sticks or bands on average range from 10-20% of the overall number of items sold
  • Always sell batteries, 80% of people purchase batteries when purchasing light up items
  • The average fan buys 4 items spending an average of $145
  • Most popular 4 items purchased together: T-Shirt, Light Stick, Photo Card and Batteries (second being T-Shirt and Pullover Hoodie with Photo Card and additional item)

Let's dive in starting with how $/head has grown since 2019 (excluding 2020 for obvious reasons). For a reference point, the overall industry average in 2023 to date is $8.66.

Trended K-Pop $/Head

Fan Interest In Merchandise

Contributing to the overall increase in $/head is a combination of more fans attending concerts, the average prices of merchandise rising, the amount of merchandise purchased, and fan interest in merchandise.

The percentage of fans at concerts buying merchandise has continued to grow for the industry as a whole over the last 5 years but K-Pop specifically has seen a larger growth over the same time frame.

% Of Fans Buying Merchandise vs Industry Average

Product Lines For K-Pop Artists

Looking at the top items purchased by volume (not price), K-Pop accessories are much higher in volume of sales compared to any other genre with hoodies and sweatpants also more popular.

Top Selling Products

Pullover Hoodie
Light Stick
Dad Hat

In addition to the light sticks, there are additional accessories that sell incredibly well that we want to share:

Key Rings/Keychains
Photo Cards

Over time we will have dedicated genre posts to go into a deeper dive into the insights and what can help artists and bands on upcoming tours, stay tuned!

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Want to see more data? Check out our 2023 year to date update on some of the other genres and how they compare to prior years.

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